I had always wondered , with man making great leaps in technology, artificial intelligence, why is that we have not been able to create an algorithm for the secret recipe of “Success” .

Success and Happiness
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Well “Success” is relative and an “algorithm” is n absolute concept. Hence it is hard to define it in the terms that will work for all. We humans are a bag of emotions, and emotions can be categorized under uncountable noun , hence forming a generic pattern from these uncountable combinations is a ardent task.

While I tried to search for a parallel for ‘success’ the nearest…

In one of my projects, I was struggling to take the next step towards building high-performance teams. The team trusted me and each other, they were open and feared less in sharing their thoughts. We were sharing our problems, bottlenecks and were having a sense of what all hiccups are holding us back.

But, the issues were like the traffic jam in the junction, there was chaos in every direction. I struggled to see a pattern.

One weekend my daughter asked me if she can prepare the tea for me, I said Yes. She came back with a nice cup…

The below poem is a reflection of my understanding on the famous verse from a Vedantic teacher : If one’s mental maturity and discipline are not strong enough, the same old habitual thinking patterns and desires will repeat, regardless of being alone in the Himalayas or amidst a crowd.

I fail

I say “I did not have THIS

He says “Take THIS

I fail

— — — -

I say “I did not have THAT

He says “Take THAT

I fail again..

— — —

I ask “Why I failed again”

He says

“was your THIS and THAT helpful”

agonized , I search, I fail

— — — -

I bend, I look inside

I realize “It was never THIS or THAT ”

“but Discipline that I lacked”

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Four persons(Gender agnostic) namely OL, IH, IL ,OH graduated.

Joined 4 different teams in 1 organisation

All assigned with similar work.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

IH learnt fast, did smart work, finished before time and worked more.

IL learnt fast, did smart work, finished on time.

OH worked hard, learnt, finished on time.

OL worked hard, finished on time.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —…

Often, I wondered what makes a child think of his/her mother in the time of need, is it love, trust, confidence? I realise now that it is the “sense of being safe” that makes the child reach to her.

A few years back, I joined a team as a tech lead and after a year I moved into the role of the manager for the same team. …

Time ticks, Life smiles

I scrape through exams,

I come head held down

I get a pat and she gets me the sweet

I smile

Time ticks, Life grins

I get the first bonus

I get a beast to ride

He calls from the public bus with a big grin

I smile

Time ticks, Life despises

I work for the dream job

I earn the dream.

I cook the sweet for the party

She yells, You were never there, why now

I cede

Time ticks, Life jerks

I get cracking for the nest

I save, I build, I am the JOY

She failed ,she cries u did’nt teach

I contemplate

Time ticks, Life hurts

I earn my dream

Dream shatters, I give up, bog down

They hug, they kiss , we are there

I smile

One of the top reasons for employee attrition is lack of rewards and recognition. As a leader or a manager, it might seems to us that recognition is a simple task.

A recognition in itself is meaningless unless it is timely and is given to deserving.

A Recognition which is not on time or which goes to undeserving will cause more side effects than the actual good effects.

As a manager we seldom look at rewards as an un-important task. …

Most of us crave for the promotions, greater responsibilities, bigger roles in our career path. But many of us fail to understand that it is not just the designation that it comes with but the bigger responsibilities.

As a manager we sometimes think that being a “Yes Boss” is the safety net. We convince ourselves with different reasonings “I am never heard”, “follow the company policy”, “will get penalized” etc.

Some of the live examples around us feel that this is the way for growth. It might be OK for short term but you will drain yourself over the time…

I try to open the bus booking app for the government bus through two aggregator apps , example makemytrip(app1) and redbus(app2) to save on cost.

I select seats in app1 and try to view the same bus in app2, which will show them as blocked.

Now I cancel the app1 seat booking since they are costly, refresh the seat matrix in app2, woah! the seats still show as blocked. Eventually after 5 mins you will be able to book them in app2.

What happened?

  1. When the user went ahead with booking seats in apps1, the seats were locked in the…

As we grow in our career, we observe that its starts getting loner at the top. Lesser people around, which might be due to your maturity, your ego, or simple foolishness.

The ego always craves for attention and attention attracts praise. Some of our peers, juniors — who respect you, who are more of your “Yes Boss” types, who gives preference to your opinion over there’s always get near to you.

Slowly the fondness to those colleagues will change them to be your favorites. The favorites are the ones who get your attention.

In no time you get into this…

Ranjitha R

Engineering Management.

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