I had always wondered , with man making great leaps in technology, artificial intelligence, why is that we have not been able to create an algorithm for the secret recipe of “Success” .

Success and Happiness

Well “Success” is relative and an “algorithm” is n absolute concept. Hence it is hard to define…

The below poem is a reflection of my understanding on the famous verse from a Vedantic teacher : If one’s mental maturity and discipline are not strong enough, the same old habitual thinking patterns and desires will repeat, regardless of being alone in the Himalayas or amidst a crowd.

I fail

I say “I did not have THIS

He says “Take THIS

I fail

— — — -

I say “I did not have THAT

He says “Take THAT

I fail again..

— — —

I ask “Why I failed again”

He says

“was your THIS and THAT helpful”

agonized , I search, I fail

— — — -

I bend, I look inside

I realize “It was never THIS or THAT ”

“but Discipline that I lacked”

Time ticks, Life smiles

I scrape through exams,

I come head held down

I get a pat and she gets me the sweet

I smile

Time ticks, Life grins

I get the first bonus

I get a beast to ride

He calls from the public bus with a big grin

I smile

Time ticks, Life despises

I work for the dream job

I earn the dream.

I cook the sweet for the party

She yells, You were never there, why now

I cede

Time ticks, Life jerks

I get cracking for the nest

I save, I build, I am the JOY

She failed ,she cries u did’nt teach

I contemplate

Time ticks, Life hurts

I earn my dream

Dream shatters, I give up, bog down

They hug, they kiss , we are there

I smile

Ranjitha R

Engineering Management.

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